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Meet Xenarius — the low-code online IDE designed specifically for ASP.NET developers to build companion mobile apps for line-of-business websites. Xenarius features an integrated screen designer, dozens of widgets, code builder with universally understood programming commands. Xenarius follows multi-user mobile app best practice guidelines and gives you the freedom to consume any data via REST and OData services.

Integrated Screen Designer

As an ASP.NET developer, you are often asked to construct a webpage by using individual UI controls and binding them to data individually. With mobile application design tools, however, this is not always the case. Most mobile app designers are based on alternative paradigms, like page templates or automatic UI generation. With mobile development frameworks, you are often forced to learn new concepts and give up flexibility.

Xenarius allows you to build the layout you need by dropping and rearranging widgets on a design surface. The toolbox includes nearly two dozen widgets, the property pane gives you quick access to settings and event handlers, and MVVM style data binding is available.

Creating mobile companion apps, and binding data to UI widgets.

Native and Hybrid Applications for Android and iOS

When you are new to mobile development, it’s easy to be consumed by arguments for and against native, hybrid, and HTML5-based mobile apps. Ultimately, you must decide whether your development costs are affordable or if a specific approach provides sufficient performance and supports access to all required device-related features. Xenarius helps you avoid these hassles and produce all application types from a single project. A Xenarius app is just metadata that can be translated into a native, web or Cordova application. We made certain to make our definitions flexible enough to support multiple platforms and different form factors. From smartphones to tablets, from iOS and Android to desktop SPA, Xenarius has it covered.

What’s the deal with all these application types?

Flexibile Data Management

If you already maintain a production ASP.NET application, odds are you have a well-established data, user management, and security model. As you begin building your mobile app, you will want to make the most of your existing server side investments. You can augment this with custom written REST API or you may wish to save time and adopt a third-party back-end solution with its own API design.

Whatever your preference, Xenarius allows you to deliver data-driven apps that can connect to any REST service and use OData protocol to sort and filter data on the server.

So how am I supposed to choose between all these options?

Your Data Is Safe And Secure

Xenarius does not need access to your data. Our mobile app designer runs in your browser. When you connect a web service to your application, your data does not reach our servers — it’s only fetched by your browser. With Xenarius, you create apps that connect directly to your own services: be it REST, OData or You do not need to use our cloud services to make your apps work.

Visual Algorithm Builder

If your preference is for technologies that make up .NET ecosystem, you may find it unproductive to invest your time in learning languages and frameworks that belong to major mobile platforms. What if you could eliminate this need?

We call Xenarius a low-code IDE, but you can write all the code you need. You simply do it without the need to learn a new framework or a new language. Place universally understood commands together with loop or condition blocks, specify parameters, declare variables, and enter your calculation expressions.

How can a low-code IDE be as powerful as its code-centric counterpart?

Learn the Basics in 10 Minutes

Give us 10 minutes and we’ll show you how to construct a simple mobile app from scratch. Once you’ve reviewed our short video tutorial, you’ll have a much better idea of what Xenarius is all about and whether it’s the right tool for you and your enterprise.

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