Target Application Types

When you choose a mobile development framework, it’s important to define what type of application you would like to create: native, HTML5, or hybrid. Each application type offers unique strengths and its choice is often driven by your specific needs and business priorities.

Native Apps

Native mobile app frameworks allow you to create apps via native APIs and libraries for a specific platform (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone). Native apps have a number of advantages: full access to features native to a device (camera, address book, geolocation), improved performance and speed, ease of use, etc. These advantages are not without drawbacks. Those who choose the native app development model must have extensive knowledge of platform specific technologies and programming languages. The need to build native apps individually for each platform can increase development time and expense.

HTML5 Apps

HTML5 app development requires a smaller investment in both time and money (when compared with native app development). An HTML5 application is a set of web pages created using standard web technologies: HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. These app types run within a web browser and can work on any platform. Needless to say, this approach allows you to build a single app and target multiple mobile platforms. Of course, HTML5 apps are imperfect and include a distinct set of disadvantages. These include the inability to access device-specific features and offline mode support.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are apps built with HTML5 and JavaScript, and then wrapped in native packages. These apps combine the benefits of both HTML5 and native apps as they can be run on any platform, have access to native platform features and can be published to app stores. Most of hybrid app frameworks are focused on writing web code and packaging this code into a deployable cross- platform apps. These apps can then be packaged into a store-ready solutions via PhoneGap/Cordova.

The Xenarius Approach

Xenarius allows you to generate all application types listed within this document. You can create a single project that can be deployed as a native, web, or cross-platform hybrid app with a single click — without any unnecessary effort. Xenarius does not require that you write any code and as such, no need exists to study new languages and master complex frameworks. With Xenarius, you can create your app visually each and every step of the way. development.