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Creating an Application View

To create a view, click the Views button on the main toolbar and select Create a new view. An empty view will be opened in the View Designer. The Designer includes the Widgets, design surface, Widget Properties tab and View Data & Commands tab.

View Designer

To add visual components to a view, drag-and-drop them from the Widgets to the design surface. As you drag an editor inside the view’s working area, Xenarius highlights the editor closest to the mouse pointer in orange and the closest editor edge in blue.

To set up component properties, use the Widget Properties tab. Exposed properties are based on component type.

The following properties are common to all components.

  • ID - a unique identifier.

  • Style - a set of properties that allow you to modify component appearance: position, size, margin, padding, etc.

  • Visible - if selected, the component is visible within the view.

You can bind component properties to data. For more information, refer to the Binding Editors to Data help topic.

The View Data & Commands tab tab is used to create a view model (properties, parameters and data sources) and to add commands to the application toolbar.