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Adding Commands to the Application Toolbar

The application toolbar is located at the top of every application view. It provides quick access to frequently used commands. Toolbar content is based upon the active view and you can customize the application toolbar for each application view separately.

To add a command button to the toolbar, open a desired view, switch to the View Data & Commands tab, expand the Commands section and click Add.

Adding Commands

The following command properties are available:

  • ID - a command identifier.

  • Title - a command title.

  • Icon - an icon for the command.

You can select an icon from the list of predefined images, or click Select icon from file and browse to the icon file.

  • Disabled - selected if the command is disabled.

  • Visible - selected if the command is visible on the toolbar.

  • Button Type - you can select from one of the following: normal, back, danger or success.

  • Show Icon, Show Text - for each device, you can specify whether text, an icon, or both are displayed for the command button.

  • OnExecute - a handler function for the command’s OnExecute event.

Once you’ve specified command properties, press Save. The command will appear on the right side of the toolbar.

To delete the command, select it from the commands list, press Delete then the Save button.

To change the location of the command button on a toolbar, select the command in the Commands section and use the up and down arrow buttons
to change its position in the commands list. Press Save. Xenarius will update command order on the toolbar automatically.