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What’s New – June 2017

• New widget property defaults designed to improve out-of-the-box results.
• Improved documentation.
• A new Demo Projects section in the Projects Overview web page (clone an existing demo).

28 June 2017

What’s New – May 2017

• Improved design for views.
• New navigation options between projects.
• Improved performance when opening a project and view.
• Updated Getting Started guide.
• A new Test Query view design.

01 June 2017

What’s New – April 2017

• A new way to change project. You can now save/rollback your local changes to the Xenarius cloud.
• Copy and paste widgets within the view designer.
• Support for widget drag and drop operations in the Navigator pane.

01 May 2017

What’s New – March 2017

• A new Map widget allows you to incorporate Google maps within your mobile application.
• A new responsive Form widget significantly accelerates the creation of individual views.
• Improved documentation.

05 April 2017

Binding expressions allow you to perform calculations when binding your view model. In this blog post, I will describe use of this feature via a simple demo project - an HR app that displays employee information. Employee data is stored using the following structure.

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02 November 2016

Learn about new features we have introduced over the recent time.

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29 June 2016

Two new applications built with Xenarius has made it to the App Store and Google Play. Check them up to see the power Xenarius gives you.

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29 June 2016

Xenarius makes it easy to create a mobile app aimed to enhance an existing APS.NET MVC project. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure a back-end for a mobile app and how to build this app itself.

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26 April 2016